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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed here are a number of links to pages of advice sheets, fact sheets and FAQ sheets. We hope you find them helpful. If you know of others that aren't listed, please contact us.

Preemie-L FAQs and Advice Sheets

Preemie-L FAQs and advice sheets may be reproduced in any format as long as they are reproduced in their entirety and include a contact link to the Preemie-L home page at

(Some Austprem parents are or have been members of Preemie-L, and have contributed to these fact sheets).

Other FAQs and Advice Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions about RSV information about RSV provided by Preemie-L listmember and neonatologist Dr Doug Derleth

Baby ER: the 411 on neonatal care, prematurity, newborn ailments, surviving the NICU, and more by Edward Hume

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