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During Pregnancy

Whilst many premature births occur quickly, for some there is a bit of time to get used to the idea. Multiple pregnancies and assisted fertility pregnancies have a higher risk of preterm birth, and some conditions that occur during a pregnancy may also lead a doctor to warn of a possible premature birth, giving you a little time to find out some information about what may happen to you and your baby.

Austprem provides support to those who are expecting a baby and are at risk of having a premature birth - we will rejoice with you if you make it to full term, and will provide information and personal experiences from our pregnancies and NICU experience if you don't make it that far.

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Some of the more common causes of premature birth are:

Other information that may be of interest to pregnant mothers at risk of premature birth:

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This information is intended as general background information only. Please check with your doctor or other health care provider for further and more specific information on how any condition affects you and/or your baby's health and before acting on any information presented here.

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