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Having a baby in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) or SCN (Special Care Nursery) can be a scary time (your hospital may have different names for these units). Often your baby has arrived unexpectedly and you are thrown into an unknown world. The following pages contain information which might be helpful to you as you travel on your NICU journey.

  • Cooler Bags - purchase an Austprem Cooler Bag to transport your breastmilk to the hospital
    cooler bag
  • NICU checklist

  • NICU abbreviations

  • Kangaroo Care

  • Breastfeeding your Premature Baby

  • Nursery News : an Austprem Ink newsletter for those families whose
    baby is still in hospital

  • Personal Stories - follow the stories of some of the Austprem families as
    they progress through the NICU.

  • Forums and Chats - Here you can meet a friendly group of parents who have all been through the NICU experience. Their children are of varying ages, and gestations. You can post a question or comment, or simply talk about your feelings to people who understand. Chats are held on a regular basis to catch up with some of the other Austprem families.

  • The Resources pages provide links for places you can purchase prem baby products (including clothing), and for support groups for any health issues your baby may have.

  • We have a Booklist of suggested titles that might be of interest or help to you

  • Take a look at the list of FAQs, included are links to frequently asked questions about a number of different circumstances and conditions

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