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At Home

Once your baby or babies arrive home, you enter another phase. It can be overwhelming to think that you are now responsible for the precious bundle that has been cared for by medical staff for the first weeks of his or her life.

Whilst the members of Austprem can't provide you with medical information, they can provide support for you and your feelings, as well as general parenting advice. The other members of Austprem have all experienced the birth of a premature baby and can relate to the feelings you have.

Many parents are concerned about how their children are growing, our Growth Chart may help you to put your child's growth in perspective.

The Discussion Forum and Chats are the best places to start. 

Check out the Resources pages for prem products you may need or support groups for any health issues your baby may have.

Our Booklist may also help with suggestions of titles that may be useful to you.

The list of FAQs should also have some helpful information for you, take a look!

You might be interested in joining a playgroup, if there is one nearby.                                                                       

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