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About Austprem

Austprem is an incorporated, non-profit organisation in Australia. Those involved have all experienced, or been closely involved with the experience of prematurity. We aim to support in any way we can parents and caregivers of other premature infants and children. Our formal purpose, aims and objectives can be seen below.

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Purpose, Aims and Objectives


To provide support and information to Australian parents and caregivers of babies and children born prematurely.

Aims and Objectives:
  • to provide counselling and support to new parents with premature babies and parents of older prematurely born children as they come to terms with the various difficulties and issues they face
  • to provide an online network to exchange peer support, information and ideas
  • to publish online information and promote resources for families of premature babies and the medical professionals who care for them:
    • regularly updated resource pages
    • FAQ advice sheets
  • to support hospitals with access to parent-friendly information about prematurity
    • help hospitals develop parent libraries through advice, booklists and donations of books
  • to promote developmentally supportive family-centred care in Newborn Intensive and Special Care Units
  • to foster and facilitate discussion of medical and ethical issues relating to the comfort and compassionate care of premature babies
    • develop philosophy
    • provide support
  • to encourage research into the causes and consequences of prematurity
    • including long term follow up programmes/studies
  • to organise and celebrate a designated day for premature babies and children, and their families

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